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Belief Code 5-Session Package

Be Free of 5 Separate Belief Systems! Clear a belief each week. $549

  • 1 h
  • US

Service Description

Get Freedom from Limiting Beliefs & Obsessive Thoughts!!! A belief system can affect every aspect of our lives and perceptions! Let's clear an entire belief system and all the associated emotions, ideas, allergies, etc. from the subconscious mind. Purchase a plan for 5 belief code sessions. *Recommended 1 session per week. Package valid for 6 months. A Belief Code session typically takes less than an hour and, after each session, your belief system notes are emailed to you. Let's begin! Each session releases the 4 main aspects of a Belief System PLUS the associated imbalances found in the Emotion Code & Body Code. The structure of all the negative statements is represented by a Tree formation. 1. Negative Programs - the many BRANCHES/LEAVES - The outer branches and leaves produced by the tree. The negative statements that grew from the system. The conscious automatic negative phrases, thoughts, and mind chatter. 2. Limiting Belief - the TRUNK - The trunk at the center of the tree. Why the belief systems exists at all. You may not even be aware of this subconscious negative statement. Typically a limiting belief about yourself or the world. 3. Faulty Core Belief - the ROOTS - When a negative statement (the SEED) is reinforced by emotions it begins to grow and becomes the roots (early in life). 4. Faulty Core Identity - the SOIL - The original story supporting the belief. The environment the tree grows in - a belief statement typically begun in our early childhood. Game Changing & Fascinating to know how your belief tree grew!

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation, please contact me via text (949-678-3585) or email ( preferably 8-hours in advance of your appointment. Thank you, Rachel Quon CBCP

Contact Details

  • California, USA

    + 949-678-3585

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