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atlas obscura

An incredible website about travel and trips, but also amazing aspects about life, history, biology, cultures, magic, language, food ... the list is endless.


If you want to go down a rabbit hole, but stay in one place, this is for you. 

  • Online lectures, etc. for a small cost. 

  • Annual Memberships available too.

Tim Ferriss

The books by Tim are all amazing and so informative. They will change you life.

He also has a weekly podcast with experts & leaders from all walks of life - The Tim Ferriss Show.

  • The 4-Hour Workweek - How to get out of the ratrace step by step. Plus the end of each chapter has amazing resources. 

  • The 4-Hour Body - A 2-inch thick book of health experiments on himself and others. Each chapter is another eye-opening topic. 

  • The 4-Hour Chef - Learn fast...become a chef of your own life adventure.

  • Tribe of Mentors - Each chapter is a different Q&A with an expert in their field. Drawn from his weekly podcast interviews.

  • Tools of Titans - Want to know what the billionaires, icons, and world-class performers do?


David Wolfe's very informative book Eating for Beauty is compact, beautiful, and all about the beneficial aspects of each fruit, vegetable, oil, etc.  More info than I've ever seen in a thin book. Plus colorful kirlian photographs.



  • Collaging (Dream Boards) with Magazines

Create one's future goals and desires visually, so they are present now! Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Start a Birthday or New Year's Day tradition - or any day.


Find magazine images and words that inspire new energies. I recommend gathering all types of magazines, then quickly flip though the magazines and tearing out ANY image or word that grabs your eye. Get a nice pile... then cut them out. Have fun with the shapes. Paste them onto a calendar, paper, cardboard. The dream you are asking for appears!

Hints and Uses:

  • I store the magazines flat with scissors and a glue stick in a reusable plastic bag with the nice strong handles.

  • I keep my pages & cut pieces in a clear zipper bag that bedsheets come in.

  • For my base, I use free calendars that come in the mail or old ones - they are ready to hang up and have lots of pages to fill.

  • Make a collage for a different theme or topic: family, career, relationship, or just do one a month for a year!

  • For kids, etc. this technique can also be used to reveal ones fears, the way something seems, the story we tell ourselves. Or use it to plan a vacation - what does each member of the family want to do? What shows up? What can be learned?

"Higher vibe" stuff to watch
See my Pondering & learning page too


  • Down to Earth - two buddies travel the world learning and experiencing how we can & do live better on the earth and with each other. Well done!

  • After Life - comdian Ricky Gervais created and stars in this comedy-drama series about living after a loved one has passed. Uncomfortably real, but then we smile because we all have a heart.

  • Chef's Table BBQ - I watched the first episode of this Emmy nominated series...blew my mind. At age 85, Pitmaster Tootsie is pure inspiration. Perfect... cinematography, story, editing. A journey!


  • The Durrells of Corfu - A 4 season PBS Masterpiece Theatre production about the "real Durrell family" in Greece in the 1930's (also on PBS channel). Charming!

  • Tales from the Loop - Science fiction drama based on an art book by Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag. Makes one think ... with the heart!


IMDb TV ... it is Free with ads

  • Leverage - group of 5 former thieves and con-artists that are now modern day Robin Hoods. They provide "leverage" for those in need. Clever! In April 2020 they announced they are going to continue the series with Noah Wylie and most of the original cast.

  • Everyone's old favorites - If you want to find those good former TV shows, this is a great place. (I got a bit hooked on a few episodes of I Dream of Jeannie)

PBS: Public Broadcasting Station

  • Masterpiece Theatre - Sanditon, The Durrells in Corfu, and other classics. 

  • Arts, Science, Culture - Endless...


  • Secrets - 6 seasons & each episode is a different world topic: Blackbeard's Ship, pyramids, Roman gladiators, Tower of Babel...


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