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A GROWING LIST of quotes, books, thoughts, interesting stuff
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BOOK:  Dr. Bradley Nelson

is the author & creator of

The Emotion Code and The Body Code

If you want to know about Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code, Body Code, order products, or become a practitioner yourself, please click.

I receive a small compensation through their Affiliate program. I am happy to mentor.

I am very happy to answer any questions

about my experience as a practitioner

& offer guidance.


BOOK: Click here to learn more and order Dr. Nelson's book on my Amazon link.

The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness (Updated and Expanded Edition) 2019

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YouTubes and VIDEOS: "e-motion," "e-motion 2.0," and "e-motion toolkit with Dr. Bradley Nelson" on Amazon Prime (2013-2019 1+hr) & check on YouTube These documentaries includes Dr. Bradley Nelson and other insightful perspectives from a diverse gathering of health and wellness experts. They all sincerely share their work with emotions, nutrition, or physiology, but ultimately they all speak of wellness as being free of emotional baggage (e.g., emotions can distort/tighten the fascia tissue around our muscles and organs) and elevating ones energy (e.g., eat oranges with pineapple to be happier! Sunshine in a bowl.). 

VIDEO: "HEAL" on Amazon Prime (2017 1h 46m)

Watch "Heal" to understand a healthy mind creates a healthy body. The type of emotions (stressful or peaceful) are the signal to the brain to have a healthy immune system or a resistant immune system.

This film explains why being baggage free and peaceful (eliminate the fight-or-flight response, etc.) is so important.


Michael Bernard Beckwith

Joan Borysenko, PhD

Gregg Braden

Kelly Brogan, MD

Deepak Chopra, MD

Peter Crone

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Mark D. Emerson, DC, CCSP

David R. Hamilton, PhD

Bruce Lipton, PhD

Anita Moorjani

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA

Kelly Turner, PhD *

Darren Weissman, DC

Rob Wergin

Anthony William

Marianne Williamson

Dr. Kelly Turner studied people that "radically healed" themselves and found, in studying 1,500 worldwide cases, that there are 9 key factors all the people used and only 2 are physical*

1. Radically changing my diet*

2. Taking control of my health

3.  Following my intuition

4. Using herbs and supplements*

5. Releasing suppressed emotions    (Emotion Code, etc.)

6. Increasing positive emotions    (Instant Healing book, etc.)

7. Embracing social support

8. Deepening my spiritual connections

9. Have a strong reason for living


BOOK:  Creating a New Earth:

Waking Up to Who We Are  

by Denise Roussel

In 2019, I did a short workshop with Denise Roussel. She is a pure and playful person fully committed to sharing her emotional evolution so everyone has the opportunity to be at peace. This is part of a passage that so clearly put words to my thoughts about emotions - they all have a counterpoint based in love. Converting or releasing negative emotions back to love is the access to a satisfying life.

Creating a New Earth  pg. 137 

Love Calls A Meeting: I have called this meeting to deliver important information. Before, I proceed, I would like to acknowledge everyone who is here: Anger, Frustration, Sadness, Anxiety, Disappointment, Fear.

First, I want to say, you are all welcome here. You all have valid things to say. You all matter to me. 

I would like to recognize each of you and what you bring.

Disappointment, I love the way you are always wanting the best for everyone.

Frustration, I love the way you try so hard to make things right.

Sadness, I love your energy of excitement.

Fear, I love that you can't bear the thought of being separate from ME.

Anger, I love your passion and power. 

Grateful for Seasons

Visualize myself as a the release of Autumn leaves, I can let unneeded aspects of myself go, so I can see my pure Self. The beautiful trunk and branches that stretch and expand into the world. Without the leaves, the structural essence of the tree can be revealed and experienced. The leaves were always meant to be temporary, to serve the purpose for growth. They were never meant to be permanent. During the Winter, I can enjoy and evaluate the bare essence of the tree, free of obscured or blocked views. Then in the Spring, the tree can create leaves newly and purely.   

- Rachel Quon (Winter 2020)

Abraham through Esther Hicks:

Listen to hundreds of insightful and often funny conversations on YouTube

Many are 10-15 minutes. The one you choose is perfect. 

"If there is something you really, truly want in your life, then you must set out to find the blocks within you that are preventing you from having it. 


Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your vibration, and that vibration creates your life. 

When you place yourself in high vibrational state you become aligned with all of the abundance that exists within the universe. In this state, there is no such thing as impossible, no dream too big, no desire too great. You really can have, be, or do anything."

Our new global path...

"And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed."   - Kitty O'Meara


All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to awake the silence that you are.   

Anthony de Mello -

To a disciple who was forever complaining about others, the Master said, ‘If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people. It is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to carpet the whole of the earth.

Emotion Code Book Image.jpg

BOOK: Instant Healing

by Dr. Susan Shumsky

Clients have asked about, and purchased, the book I often use for sessions. It is called Instant Healing: Gain Inner Strength, Empower Yourself, and Create Your Destiny by Dr. Susan Shumsky.

BOOK: Click on the book image

to read about Dr. Shumsky

and buy her book on Amazon.

By clicking the book image to purchase, you also support my business.

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This book has nearly 250 powerful and insightful affirmations to read for protection, love, wealth, health, and environments. Dr. Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation®.

For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was guru of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra.

She was on Maharishi's personal staff for 7 years.


BOOK: Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing 

by Dr. Vasant Lad

This is a short, easy, and fascinating book about Ayurveda,  which is the oldest healing system in the world. Dr. Vasant Lad has included charts, food antidotes, gem uses, diagnostic photos and recommended practices based on circadian rhythms and the three body types (pita, kapha, vata). 

BOOK: Click on the book image to read about

Dr. Lad and buy his book on my Amazon link.

By clicking the book image to purchase, you also support my business.

     Thank you.


BOOK: Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids

by Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE

BOOK: Order the book here & support the independent

East West Bookshop (online lectures & classes too)



YouTube: Every Parent Needs to Know This: Gabor Mate, Shefali, Peterson ... and others

An extraordinary "life" video...

for every human to listen to. 

  • Freedom of Curiosity and Fair Play are access to experiment in life and learn life. 

  • A child teaches a parent to Be. Can you accept me for who I am? Can we Be who we are together?

  • Watch each other. Notice when we do GOOD and point it out to each other. 

YouTube: Making Marriage Work

Dr. John Gottman

The science behind relationships. 30 plus years of insight, shared stages & techniques.

A balance of all emotions is key.

Click here to watch. 47 minutes 


BOOK: From Heartbreak to Wholeness:

The Hero's Journey to Joy by Kristine Carlson

"If one cannot see beyond the pain to value the tremendous journey of life, then loss can easily be heart-closing instead of heart-opening. There are times for all of us when we just want the pain to stop. And denial can act like cement, sometimes fully paving over the possibility of healing. Getting past pain - moving through the shadow - deepening the understanding of what it means to love life more than all else is the way."

BOOK:  Kiss That Frog!

12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life

by Brian Tracy & Christina Tracy Stein

I really liked this easy, concise book. I hope you do to.

It is about confronting one's self and then

techniques and methods for how to transform.

The Main Obstacle pg. 28

He [Brian Tracy] discovered that negative emotions, ugly frogs that squat in the back of your mental pond, are the primary obstacles to enjoying the happiness you truly desire. Negative emotions, from whatever source, are the root causes of almost all the unhappiness, misery, and frustration in life and work. If you can eliminate negative emotions, you can transform your whole life!

He also learned that the mind is like a vacuum. It will not remain empty for very long. When you eliminate negative emotions, your mind will refill naturally with positive emotions of happiness, joy, excitement, love, and peace. When you get rid of the weeds, flowers will grow. 

Sometimes, a single new idea or insight that leads to your  interpreting a past event differently can liberated you so completely that you will never be the same in that area. Forever after, you will be a different person. 

Change Your Vocabulary p. 73

One of the fastest ways to switch your mind from negative to positive whenever something goes wrong is to change your vocabulary. For example, instead of the word "problem," use the word "situation."


BOOK: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

BOOK: Love, Medicine, and Miracles 

by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

BOOK: The F.A.S.T.R. Process: The Secret of Emotional Power by Liz Barallon



by Rachel Quon

Hope/ Want/ Wish/ Think/ Desire


Ask/ Action/ Seek/ Create/ Purpose


There is a difference between passive and active words. Hoping and wanting have inward focus.

Asking and seeking have intention, momentum, and manifestation.

Notice when you are hopeful and not action oriented.

What type are you? When?

A thinker/designer or doer/creator?

Ideas (Wish) vs Action (Ask)

Mind (Think) vs Body (Do)

There is a time for both.



:::::::::: Yoda Quotes ::::::::::

Named must your fear be, before banish

it you can.

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.

Hate leads to suffering.

The Dark Side clouds everything.

Impossible to see the future is. 

Mind what you have learned. Save you it can.

Always in motion is the future. 


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