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To absorb water more easily and alkalinize it

(raise the pH), add a magnet.

Get a flat magnet (the refrigerator type) and use as a coaster under the water glass or mug. Or tape on the bottom of a pitcher for constant application. Avoid rubber or plastic as it is not a good conductor. The magnet separates water into smaller "water molecule groups" to allow passage across the cell membrane.

Fewer trips to the bathroom and better hydration! 

Plus I find my water and drinks are "sweeter."

Key info is in the middle of the page & under the heading: What happens when we drink water that has

smaller clusters?

“'One of the problems is that small cluster water is not stable. The electric charges inherent in water continually cause the small clusters to bind together into larger and larger clusters. And to make matters worse, the process is accelerated when water is exposed to air and light.' Jon Barron Baseline of Health® Newsletter, June 2002.

Less is now more…. By magnetizing water we can now hydrate faster and more completely while drinking less. This is a good fit for the average person’s lifestyle of not finding the time to drink enough water."


Vertigo (dizzy, off balance, spinning) is often caused by inner ear issues. Particularly when the crystals stick to the hairs of the ear canal. The crystals should move around to aid in proper orientation and awareness.

Similar to the needle of a compass to show the proper direction. 

See Epley Maneuver to treat BPPV vertigo

on YouTube

Here is a 3 minute video explaining and showing how to dislodge the "stuck" crystals.  


Here is a 7 minute video on a live patient.



Rebalance Your Body

*** Take easy, positive action ***

As soon as you feel body discomfort, instead of feeling upset or disappointed that the experience is happening, have a thought of appreciation and be thankful to the body part.


The discomfort is the trigger to instantly have a good thought...not a bad one.


Say the words outloud. Have a whole conversation with your body part. Shower your body with love, especially after a session when the area is more clear. Build up the positive energy vibrations - each time you feel discomfort. 

Discomfort is the body's alarm call that an imbalance is present - the body is not happy. Rebalance the area with lots of positive vibrations instead of a negative thought. The difference is amazing!

"Thank you ______ for being in perfect harmony and alignment with the rest of my body. I love how strong, pure, and well functioning you are."


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