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The process: 
how My sessions work

Dr. Bradley Nelson, developer of The Emotion CodeTM and The Body CodeTM, states the average person has over 300 trapped emotions and each one can cause imbalances to our organs, glands, muscles, mental state, immune system, etc. Trapped emotions can also block people from experiencing love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others, especially due to a Heart Wall (Ask me if you have one - most people and many animals have a Heart Wall). Similarly, toxins, pathogens (virus, mold, bacteria), nutrition (food allergies), chakras, misalignments, physical or energetic disconnections, memories, etc. can imbalance the body and mind. 

Know that:

  • Everything is energy! A trapped emotional energy causes the body to vibrate at that frequency, so that emotion may easily come up again in various situations. For example, every time you see someone you feel or react a particular way. These frequencies can also block proper energy flow for the body.

  • Your body has a notification system! Nearly every organ and gland is linked to a muscle(s), so if one feels discomfort (pain, tightness), this may be an indication that an organ or gland is imbalanced and not happy. What a great notification system!

  • Your environment and career/activities are mirrors of you body! By organizing and decluttering one's home, car, routine, business, office space, and calendar then energy can flow, stress (cortisol hormone) reduces, balance and harmony are restored. Do you feel blocked in tidying up these areas? Is your purpose clear? Let me know.

By releasing trapped emotions, beliefs, and other energies, conditions become right for the mind and body to function and heal, so physical and emotional difficulties can be more manageable or even disappear within minutes or days. A more healthy, easy, and successful life is now possible!

Issues that can be addressed and released during a session include trapped emotions, traumas, grief, limiting beliefs or ideas, body discomfort, negative energetic cords between two people (but some may initially be beneficial like between a parent and a child), curses from one's self or others, balancing chakras, releasing pathogen energy (virus, bacteria, mold), and clearing distorted energy in one's environment (home, office, car). These same things can be done for children and animals (pets).

Session Approach. In addition to addressing a current struggle (e.g., confidence to get a new job, being a calm parent), a session approach can address the energetic blocks or imbalances from a certain age, organ, body part, or event (get freedom from a specific memory or situation).


In addition, one's overall ability, threshold, or capacity for satisfaction or abundance can be checked and, if needed, increased by releasing energy around a specific aspect of life (e.g., Increase my threshold [percent %] for abundance with finances, relationships, happiness, etc.)

During the typical phone session, the client should be comfortable and hydrated. I will begin by verifying pure energy in our spaces. When clear, I will ask your current age and the issue(s) that are of concern to you (e.g., career anxiety, a difficult relationship, body discomfort). The session can involve limited or even no speaking from the client - however, I will say aloud each identified energy and, if needed, where it is trapped in the body and the age when the emotion or energy was experienced (or if inherited, absorbed, shared, etc.). Occasionally, we need to know the cause of the imbalanced energy, in which case, the client may briefly describe the situation or "think" of the situation. Then the emotion, toxin, etc. is released as pure energy in just a few seconds. The process continues with the next emotion, negative belief, or energy being identified and released.

We often can address multiple issues during a session. As we progress, I may ask the subconscious mind, "Is there more to do now?" This is important because the body may be done releasing for the day or for that issue, in which case, the issue may continue at a later session or we move on to a new issue.

Note: Please know that sometimes, certain energies need to be released before the more significant or prominent issue (the underlying cause) can be fully addressed and cleared. Like digging for buried treasure, sometimes other layers need to be exposed and removed before the goal itself is revealed. Often releasing the "big issue" would be too overwhelming to do right away or all at once. Be patient and gentle with your self.

As Dr. Nelson says, an emotion may need it's brief moment of glory...or acknowledgement before being released permanently.

Intuition. In addition, my intuition often "shares" messages about how the emotion relates to the client's experiences of the past or present, and the benefits now available having released that emotion or energy.

Please ask questions if you feel you need intuitive guidance to help you along your path.

Too busy for a session? Just book under "Too busy for a session?" and include the brief issue(s) in your email message when booking under Services. I will conduct the session at your chosen time or day and then email you the emotions or energies that were released and any intuitive information I received during the session. 

Rebalancing after a Session  Rebalancing can take a few days after a session. After a session, clients often feel lighter, less triggered, or happier after a session; however, occasionally fatigue or irritability may be experienced. Try these ideas to rebalance, ground, and focus yourself after a session. Also, check my After Care Sheet page.

The following are helpful:  Breathe,  Stretch,  Stay hydrated,  Exercise,  Take a Walk,  Sleep,  Be in Nature,  Listen to Positive Music,  Visualize Yourself Relaxed and Enveloped in Pure Energy (light, your aura/energy field, a color, water),  Bath with Epson salt (then rinse in a shower) ... Contact me, if needed.

Sign Agreement and Disclaimer Please sign the Agreement and Disclaimer before booking on the Service page. By booking a session, that means you understand and agree with the disclaimer.  

Please see Testimonials for further insight into how and why this is so easy and amazing!

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