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After Care sheet

Thank you for the opportunity to guide you through a session - an Emotion/Body Code session or a Belief Code session, but always accessing your Intuitive Messages.


Each session stands alone, as the energies identified are unique to each session. However, each session progressively removes more layers of energy to reveal a more pure body, mind, and heart.                                 

Be free.  Feel free.

Enjoying Nature


  1. Drink water - more than usual. Adding a pinch of sea salt (check out or electrolytes can also help. 

  2. Notice the next 24-36+ hours, you may experience some tiredness, emotional fatigue, agitation, crying, or physical changes. However, most sessions result in a feeling of lightness of the shoulders, breathing easier, or being less emotionally triggered. All of this is normal. If anything concerns you, please contact me.

  3. Self Care: Be compassionate with yourself. Notice things you want or need: sleep, time in nature, time alone, etc. If you are thinking of someone, consider calling them or sending a positive thought to them - including yourself. 

  4. Heart Wall®  Clearing a Heart Wall may cause heightened feelings of empathy or sympathy. When the heart can connect more, it may feel joyous or vulnerable, so be gentle. 

  5. Sleep: You may be tired, so rest if your body needs it. Notice your dreams tonight.

  6. Stretching & Movement is very helpful to reset and balance the body-mind. Reach out or raise the arms. Shift and rebalance the chest, heart, pelvis, etc.

  7. The Power Pose: stand with feet wider than the hips and raise the arms overhead, so your body forms an X-shape (see photo above). 

    1. Energizing Power Pose: Arch the back slightly when raising the arms. Feel the release and expansion of the heart and body. Aaah!

    2. Grounding Power Pose: Stabilize the pelvis and spine then slowly raise the arms. Feel the energy flow into the body like a superhero being charged by lightning! Grounded, stable, and invincible. 

  8. Circulation may improve with a warm bath (with Epsom salts) with a final rinse.

  9. Action: If an intuitive action or recommendation came up in your session (add/delete a color from your environment, connect with friends, read an affirmation, go for a walk, eat/drink). The action came up in the session at this time for your benefit. It can make a difference.

  10. The next session can typically be in 3-4 days (5-7 days for Belief Code), after processing and some time living life with less baggage and more freedom has occurred. 

  11. Schedule Recommendation: Scheduling sessions regularly can get the body into a rhythm of clearing and rebalancing - just like regular exercise or gym visits - we noticeably improve. 

  12. Origins: Dr. Bradley Nelson, a retired chiropractor, developed the Emotion Code®, Body Code™, and Belief Code® to identify and clear imbalances. Information about these techniques and certification can be found at


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via text or email.  Thank you.

Rachel Quon, CECP1, CBCP2, CBCP3

+1-949-678-3585   (cell, WhatsApp)

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