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orca sessions:A Gift

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My passion as an Emotion/Body Code Practitioner and Wildlife Biologist will be to conduct sessions for the orcas of the Pacific Northwest and the world. They need our help and support. 

I am currently working remotely and intuitively with the southern-resident orcas in the Pacific Northwest region. The members (73 as of 12/2021, but 74 including Lolita/Tokitae, an L pod orca at the Miami Seaquarium) are in three pods, called the J-, K-, and L-pods. I will provide most of the findings here on my website, so please follow along by checking back occasionally. Note: These sessions are guided by news stories and my own intuition about what pod, orca, etc. to address. Also, any name in quotes is the session name for the orca. 

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J Pod Mom J35 Tahlequah and Deceased Baby "J0"

(The story made international news)


On the morning of 8/11/2018, I conducted a session for a 20-year old mother orca J35, nicknamed Tahlequah, and her dead baby "J0" (initially Joe, but then I "realized" it was "J zero"), which she had been traveling with for 17 days. The results were enlightening and included a shared/inherited emotion of Shock from the mother that was passed to her baby. There was also a vertebrae misalignment that went to the heart/lungs/chest. The finding for J35 included the need to eat "good oil" (salmon).

Within 5 hours, the mom and baby had separated and J35 was seen eating/hunting salmon with her pod.

UPDATE: September 2020 Tahlequah had a healthy baby!

J Pod 3-year old Female J50

On the evening of 8/13/18, I conducted a session for young orca J50. She was starving and had trouble keeping up with her pod. I found she had parasites that made her muscles tired, so I cleared the parasites (presence of a parasite was later confirmed by scientists). She also needed extra leucine, an amino acid.

J Pod 13-week old Female Fetus

On the morning of 9/23/18, I conducted a session for a female orca fetus. A parasite was cleared to improve her digestion and skin (rash).

J Pod 4-year old Female "Melody" 

On the morning of 9/23/18, I conducted a session for a young female orca. A total of 6 trapped emotions were released including ones related to salmon quality, a tourist, her brother, her aunt, and an inherited emotion.

J Pod 31-year old Female "Joyce" (pronounced Joys) 

On 11/25/18, I conducted a session for a pregnant orca. Her mental state was addressed. She had a Psychic Trauma, which is when there is an event that causes multiple-emotions to become trapped. We released Indecisiveness Gallbladder, Shock Parathyroid/Mind, and Helplessness Stomach at Age 27 due to a life threatening predator. Her coccyx was moderately misaligned, so was rebalanced. 

J Pod 21-year old Female "Janay" and Fetus

On 12/7/18, I conducted a session for an orca and her fetus. Poor circulation was an issue for the health of the fetus. The mother's connection to the baby was not sufficient. I read prayer #80 Inner Guidance. In addition, Janay's mental state about becoming a mom was weak, so I read #120 Treatment for Overcoming Victimization.


K Pod 16-year old Female "Joleen"

On the mornings of 10/8/18, I conducted a session for a 16-year old female (not pregnant) orca formerly of the J Pod. We improved her immune system by releasing the trapped emotion of Shock Thymus Gland Age 11, Panic Gallbladder Age 1 (a shark tried to eat her!), and released two emotions (Indecisiveness, Helplessness Age 11) that had reduced her hunting confidence. 

K Pod 27-year old Male K25 "Kayal"

On the mornings of 9/27 and 9/30/18, I conducted a session for orca K25, a 27-year old male. In the last year, he has lost a considerable amount of weight. My two sessions found he had a parasite that was causing digestive upset and a rash. He was missing his mother that recently passed so was feeling Loneliness, Low Self-Esteem (inherited), and his T3 vertebrae was severely misaligned causing congestion. The sonar/EMF/etc. and the petroleum runoff are unhealthy. I also cleared a few emotions related to his crown chakra.

K Pod 33-year old Female "Kayta"

On the mornings of 10/3/18, I conducted a session for a 33-year old female (not pregnant) orca. We addressed her overall health, which including clearing a skin fungal issue due to the negative effects of eating algae/carbs. Anxiety was triggering her algae-eating behavior. In addition, we cleared two trapped emotions (Helplessness and Hopelessness Stomach Age 6) and improved her 3rd Eye Chakra by rebalancing her gallbladder.


L Pod 20-year old Female "Layla"

On the morning of 10/9/18, I conducted a session for a 20-year old female (not pregnant) orca. We released an inherited emotion from her father - Taken for Granted Gallbladder and her own Low Self-Esteem Stomach Age 7 and Despair Stomach Age 16. Her 1st right true rib was misaligned and was affecting her sinuses. Dehydration was an issue due to impurities in runoff, which also gave her low back pain.

On 11/11/18, health related to her environment came up, specifically water temperature was too cold for her since Layla needs more fat on her body. She needs to better metabolize what she eats. We released 12 trapped emotions including Bitterness and Guilt Gallbladder both from Age 12, Indecisiveness Liver/Mind/Energy Field Age 1, Emotional Abandonment Small intestine Age 17, Failure Spleen/Energy Field Ages 12-15...She was then 57% cleared of trapped emotions.


On 12/1/18, I needed to release and clear Longing Sexual organs Age 6.

L Pod 27-year old Female "Leta" (long e sound)

On 11/3/18, I conducted a session for a 27-year old female (not pregnant) orca. We addressed her mental state. Six emotions were released including Bitterness, Guilt Gallbladder Age 1 related to fish; Indecisiveness Gallbladder Age 20 related to water location; Anxiety, Lack of Control Stomach & Hopelessness Spleen both Age 26 due to human noise while she is sleeping.

On 11/5/18, we released Effort Unreceived Heart Age 17, Anger Liver Age 26 due to annoyance by a fishing net, and Anger Gallbladder Age 27 due to a female orca.

L Pod 18-year old Female "Leita" - cousin of "Layla"

On the evening of 10/17/18, I conducted a session for an 18-year old female (not pregnant) orca. We addressed the issue of her relationships with male orcas. Her ovaries were only 57% happy due to Shock Sexual organs (ovarian cysts) Age 11, Panic Liver Age 16 felt because her friend ate something human-made. Her ovaries were then 100% happy.

We also released a curse on her Sternum placed by a male orca that prevented her success, Excessive Heat (blushing) around male orcas, Indecisiveness Gallbladder Age 17 due to a sex act, and I read #60 called Overcoming Spiritual Gullibility.

L Pod 3-weeks old "new baby" L124 - Mom is L77 

On the morning of 1/12/19, I conducted a session with a baby orca about 3-weeks old. She appeared to be happy, playful, and "a joy," which was described by news articles. I released Inherited Panic from a female relative 11 generations back on the mother's mother side from the Gallbladder, Depression Liver from 2 weeks prior due to a sick aunt-like orca, and finally Inherited Disgust from a female relative 21 generations back on the mother's father side from the Spleen.

L Pod 27-year old Female not pregnant

Also on the morning of 1/12/19, I then addressed the sick "aunt" identified above. She is sick because of bacteria in her large intestine. It was released. 

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