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Improve your Communication, Organization, & Success for

Businesses & Group Dynamics

The Emotion CodeTM and Body Code can be used successfully for businesses or groups of individuals (families, organizations, teams, departments). 


Businesses and groups can collectively experience trapped emotions and other energies that can affect business success or an entire group dynamic.


For example, a person may not be jealous when working alone, but suddenly in a group dynamic or on a team this emotion may become evident.

Or a business may have old baggage from the past which may be hard to remove especially if this baggage is unidentified. Things such as bad publicity (campaign, advertising, social media) or joining two companies or departments (merger, acquisition). These energies from prior opinions or experiences can linger - blocking plans and momentum.

Furthermore, a room, building, or the environment around a business can have negative energies. 

Issues to identify and address may include:

  • Capacity for abundance/success

  • Staff working in their best ways - proper use of talents, skills, communication styles

  • Departments are like Body Systems  (balance systems like digestion, muscular, skeletal, circulatory)

  • Sabotage

  • Broadcast message

  • Trapped emotions 

  • Misalignments

  • Idea Allergies - like a limiting belief

  • Clearing and elevating the building - spaces/rooms, color, spirits, trapped emotions

Business, groups of people, and organizations can struggle for years without identifying and removing underlying causes blocking success.


Therefore, clearing old energy, allowing talent to shine, and tapping into the strengths of "the many as one" are the keys to success. 

Contact me below, so we can discuss your organization.

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